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Festival News

The 'TUG OF WAR' is running again this year 2017.

The Rose Day committee is looking to rope in village organisations or individuals to participate on the big day, Saturday 24 June.

Interested in joining in or forming a team? Click on picture for details

Support your village, support Rose Day

Abigail Burgess to be Rose Queens 2017

Congratulations to Abigail Burgess who has been chosen as this year's Goostrey Rose Queen. An independent panel of judges selected Abigail, who will be accompanied by attendants: Evie Thirlwell, Rebecca Main, Mika Mizunoue.

Members of Abi's family have been attending and assisting with Rose Day since the 1950s with Abi herself attending her first Rose Day when she was 6 days old. Its been a long wait but worth it as Abi is not only the ninth child in the Burgess family to participate she is also the first Rose Queen.

We must also congratulate Evie, Rebbecca and Mika who have been selected as Abi's attendants and participated in Rose Day with Abi every year since Pre-school.

Thank you girls for your continued support over the years


Rose Queen Elect 2017

Abigail Burgess

Support your village, support Rose Day

From Left to right - Rebecca, Mika, Abi and Evie.

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Molly Withe to be Rosebud Queen 2017

Congratulations to Molly who was selected Rosebud Queen with Rosie Gyurkovits as her Lady in Waiting and Tiah Mills, Libby Hammond and Hannah Graythe as her attendants.

Chris Burgess, Chair of the Rose Festival, said: "Goostrey Rose Day remains a very important part of our village life and it is very satisfying to see so many girls wanting to be our queen"

Children's Registration for Roseday

If you would like to register your child for this years' Roseday procession, Please could read the following letter and complete the accompanying form, which should be posted into one of the Roseday boxes (located in the entrances to the Infant and Junior Schools). We will try as far as possible to accommodate your child's preferences.

 Letter  Form

Please note: Rose Day registration forms have been issued in School. If your child does not attend Goostrey School, registration forms can be obtained from Mrs Kettle's . Forms should be returned to Goostrey School or to Mrs Kettle's by Wednesday 24 March 2017.

Rose Day Childrens Parties..:

Thank you to all the children who came along and made our Rose Day party a great success. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves. We now look forward to seeing you on Rose Day itself on the 24th June.

'Fancy a Business Opportunity?'

Support your village, support Rose Day

A great opportunity for your business or charity whilst supporting The Rose Festival is to have your own stall. If your are interested in having a stall either in the field or craft tent in 2017 please contact us on the links below.

Holly Jobbins (Field/Facebook)

Sheila Gregory (Craft)


Rose Festival Archive 018

The very first duty of the Rose Queen, just before she is crowned, is perhaps her most important, as she stops to lay a wreath on the War Memorial at St Luke's, Goostrey, and spend a few quiet moments in prayer and reflection.

This is a very touching part of Rose Day, but, as the main part of the procession has peeled away to the school field, it is one that many people miss.

We therefore extend an invitation to all those who would like to see the Rose Queen lay the wreath, and join in the prayers led by our vicar, which should be at approximately 1.40pm on Rose Day.

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